Demetrice Smith currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband and four children. She is an entrepreneur, mentor, community activist, mental health advocate, worshiper, servant, teacher, and an ordained Elder at her local church.

Not only is Elder Smith dedicated to the spreading of the Gospel, she is also the owner of several businesses and believes “Business empowerment is essential for success in any community; having the right skills and tools in your toolkit can make a huge difference in social, personal, and economic success.”

Demetrice Smith received both her Master’s and Doctorate in Business with an emphasis on Leadership.

Near completion of her first book, Dr. Smith discusses the devastating presence and impact of mental illness on children from a child’s perspective. The book, loosely based on her own personal journey of dealing with depression for 30 years, starting in 3rd grade, follows the life of her main character, Casey. The book series peeks into the day-to-day life of a middle schooler dealing with the overwhelming issues and feelings of sadness brought on by dealing with bullying and other family limitations that he doesn’t understand and is unsure of how to manage in his everyday life; these feelings compound in many areas and ultimately bring about other issues that ultimately lead to early childhood depression when not managed. Casey is an extremely talented, bi-racial, pre-teen who has trouble understanding all he faces and on top of all that, he’s hiding a secret which deeply impacts his life and relationships. COMING FALL 2021!


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