Gaining Victory Over Depression

Whether you or a loved one is affected by mental illness, many feel the “creeping vines” of depression’s invading forces if left undetected, un-diagnosed, or untreated successfully. Creeping Vines Online (CVO) is a non-profit corporation created to provide practical approaches and training to unmasking unhealthy thoughts and lifestyles to dealing with mental illness.

Through healthy dialogue, strategic community partnerships, mental health training classes, wellness education, peer-support, and mental health assessments, prayer, and many other approaches to making mental wellness a part of everyday living, CVO believes the stigma and shame of mental illness will become a memory of the past when it becomes okay to say “I’m not okay.”

Creeping Vines Online focuses on empowering the total community: Men, Women, and Youth. Through effective awareness, assessment and training, we reinforce mental health truths while breaking down the limiting stigmas.

Our focus is on supporting and encouraging healing through medical diagnosis, peer-accountability, family-communication, prayer, individual and group training, and community partnerships for those who suffer. Our ongoing hope is to generate a global dialogue about mental wellness while understanding every persons unique yet individual role in the mental health conversation.

When an individual suffers from mental health issues, very often their loved ones are challenged about how to assist them effectively. Many individuals and family members suffer silently until either crisis strikes or the individual spirals out of control.

We’re here to help you get the care and treatment you need by facilitating mental health classes such as Wellness Recovery Action Plans, referring you to competent medical and spiritual leaders, by providing group and peer support information, and helping you with online mental health assessments and resources.

Until mental health conversations become more mainstream and families, communities and individual are educated and involved in their own mental wellness, societal stigmas will continue to prevail. Let us help you find ways to join the conversation or create a new conversation meaningful to where you are…to deal more effectively with all mental health concerns.