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Who we Are

Creeping Vines Online (CVO) is a 501c3 Corporation I created to provide awareness, free online mental health assessments, and create advocates for mental wellness within families, the workplace, and the communityWe are committed to also advocating for IDD individuals through effective  program development, inclusion and engagement. In addition, we are devoted to helping families and communities support the need for relationships and connections for those who live with mental illness, without the associated stigma.

I am a certified and trained mental health coach who devotes herself to meeting the needs of individuals with brain health conditions. I am here to help individuals and families get on the right path to wellness and lead fruitful lives.

“We provide free online mental health screenings as well as clinical referrals. We help individuals to create a wellness plan to cope with and overcome limitations of their condition. We also work with professionals to corroborate mental stability and together, we develop a successful plan for managing it.”

– Demetrice Smith

What We Offer

Wellness Solutions

  • W.R.A.P Plans
  • Drug & Alcohol Resources
  • Mental Illness Counseling Referrals & Brain Health Resources

Mental Health Awareness

  • Community Wellness Campaigns
  • Training Classes
  • Organizational & Corporate Seminars
    Information Sessions for Men, Women & Youth
  • Information Sessions for community advocates, educators, and law enforcement to understand, recognize and respond to differences in behavior between mental health, drug abuse, and IDD conditions.

Assessments and Advocacy

  • Custom Programming for Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDD) to engage, educate, and empower greater independence.
  • Free Online Mental Health Assessments.
  • Information Sessions for community advocates, educators, law enforcement, corporations, and religious organizations to understand and recognize and respond to differences in behavior between mental health, drug abuse, and IDD conditions. 


Who we Assist

We assist individuals who are dealing with brain health conditions and who are concerned about changes in thoughts, capabilities, or communication that inhibit productive daily routines.
We customize wellness solutions to support individuals with mental or brain health conditions for productive, engaging, and independent lives. Some of our clients have the following diagnoses: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s, Cerebral Palsy, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Downs Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, BI-Polar Depression, Anorexia, Dyslexia, and depression.



My Articles

CreepingVinesOnline Blog editorials allow us to educate, inform, and advocate for individuals dealing with brain health conditions. Our forum shares diverse perspectives and real-life experiences to communicate the myriad of ways we can all support proper mental capacity and brain function.

If you’d like to share your unique experiences and perspective,  email me to become a guest blogger at

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I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out about scheduling a learning session, consultation, or if you need additional information

What people are saying


Dr. Smith is a powerful gift that ignites hope and perseverance in the hearts of those she pours into. A few months ago the Jack and Jill of America Inc. Arlington Chapter asked her to be a breakout session facilitator for a wine tasting experience we put on as a fundraiser. She was phenomenal! Every woman who participated came away raving about how she encouraged them so much! She is anointed and God has used her to change the lives of those who find themselves downtrodden and lacking vision. Thanks Dr. Smith for being a light in our lives!

Lakeisha Glover, Foundation Chair


After being clinically diagnosed with severe depression. I found myself feeling isolated, and in a deep dark place. I didn’t feel like anyone would understand what I was dealing with or what I was going through. I’m a Christian, and I didn’t feel like I was supposed to feel how I felt. I wasn’t suppose to have the thoughts of hopelessness, and frustration. I happened to reach out to a relative who offered me some support from you guys. I sat and talked about how I was feeling. They were able to help me pinpoint some triggers that I have that lead me to those sad thoughts of despair. I can now say I’m working towards a new me. I’m learning to love myself again. So when I start feeling lonely and helpless. I just stop take a moment to breath and for ever negative thought. I’m able to relax and think of 2 happy thoughts. The journey back to a normal life isn’t an easy one, but it’s definitely a worthwhile task to get back to a healthy life mentally. Thanks CreepingVinesOnline, for your ongoing efforts to help others battling with mental illness.

Derrick T. 
Derrick T.

CreepingVinesOnline has provided me a new awareness and outlook on Mental Health. I have learned there is power in communicating and expressing different mental illness to embody mental wellness. CVO has empowered me to share and relate to others who have battled with depression at any point in life. I now understand the dynamic of not shaming myself or feeling like an less adequate believer if feel depressed. Thanks to CVO I can now say I take care of my mind, body, and soul with real meaning and intentionality.

Schermisia J. 
Schermisia J.

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