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Since third grade, I was the girl who was always sad and never seemed to smile. I thought everyone felt the same sadness I did. As I got older I learned that I was suffering from depression. My depression was a product of the debilitating migraines I’d inherited from my grandmother.

By the time I entered college I discovered there were others who dealt with signs and symptoms of depression yet didn’t talk about how they felt or lacked an outlet to discuss or understand exactly what was going on.

Later, I created Creeping Vines Online as a forum to  have safe discussions and unmask through assessments, training, workshops and referrals, the stigma of depression. I want to keep people talking about their condition without fear or hopelessness and empower them to get help.

I do the work of a mental health advocate because I love it. The name “Creeping Vines Online” was generated after I saw a neighbor plant foliage on their fence for decoration. After a while the ivy they planted crawled across the yard and covered the house; the house could no longer be seen and those inside could no longer look out. Depression is like a creeping vine, masking who you really are on the outside, and skewing your vision from within.




CVO Credentials

CVO is a non profit organization. Through my years of work with brain health I have obtained the listed credentials to work with individuals and families



  • Crisis Intervention and Managing Stress 
  • Wellness Recovery & Action Plans
  •  Recovery
  • Sharing Your Story
  • Ending the Silence
  • Mental Health Basics
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Managing Stress

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