Derrick T.

After being clinically diagnosed with severe depression. I found myself feeling isolated, and in a deep dark place. I didn’t feel like anyone would understand what I was dealing with or what I was going through. I’m a Christian, and I didn’t feel like I was supposed to feel how I felt. I wasn’t suppose to have the thoughts of hopelessness, and frustration. I happened to reach out to a relative who offered me some support from you guys. I sat and talked about how I was feeling. They were able to help me pinpoint some triggers that I have that lead me to those sad thoughts of despair. I can now say I’m working towards a new me. I’m learning to love myself again. So when I start feeling lonely and helpless. I just stop take a moment to breath and for ever negative thought. I’m able to relax and think of 2 happy thoughts. The journey back to a normal life isn’t an easy one, but it’s definitely a worthwhile task to get back to a healthy life mentally. Thanks CreepingVinesOnline, for your ongoing efforts to help others battling with mental illness.

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